MindstreamConnect.com is the pre-cursor to our digital platform. While we test our mockup and build our digital platform, we're covering the mind-body-spirit disciplines through The Mindstream Podcast and other content. Visit MindstreamConnect.com.

For the Public

From aromatherapy, acupuncture, crystal healing and chakra balancing to sound therapy, psychic mediumship, and Zimbate, there is a whole world of tools and practices to increase our mind-body-spirit connection toward holistic wellness. Whether it's shifting your mindset, reshaping your body, inviting calm into your lifestyle, there are tried-and-true solutions waiting to be explored. Mindstream will make it easy to discover what's right for you by understanding your interests and needs, providing the facts, connecting you with like-minded people, and leading you to credible resources. It's a place that lights the path to greater health and happiness.

For Industry Insiders

Professionals delivering mind-body-spirit services love what they do and feel their calling is to help others feel better and experience more joy in life. Our original research revealed this and other insights on the nature of working in this special field. Mindstream will offer verified pros easy access to the market and the tools to raise your profile by showcasing your experience, approach and unique aspects. You'll be able to spend more time delivering your value to the people who seek it. This isn't another advertising directory -- it's a hub for the mind-body-spirit community, and you'll be core to delivering an authentic experience.

For Society

Mindstream's digital platform will simplify the mind-body-spirit marketplace with authenticity and elegance. Positive economic impact will come from organising access to disparate markets at scale. Positive social impact will come from education and community that empowers individuals to be pro-active about wellness. Reporting trends on beliefs, behaviours and health will inform the public and private sectors so all may benefit from enhanced performance, health and happiness. Mindstream will galvanize this developing sector and, over time, show how enlightenment achieved by individuals translates to an uplifted society.

Are you an early-adopter?

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