As Mindstream caps five years, here’s what’s next

Since Mindstream Ventures Ltd. was founded in October 2022, there’s been a great deal of progress, learning and connecting within the expansive mind-body-spirit realm.

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I have to remind myself of that because I’m so focused on the big vision for Mindstream and where it’s headed. It’s just like driving a car: The rear-view mirror is tiny compared to the windshield, but it’s very important. While I’d like to be in the fast lane tearing up the open road, the “speed limit” (funding) requires a certain pace.

I’ll take ‘slow and steady’ over ‘crash and burn’ anytime because I am committed to the mission, and my work over these first five years has revealed that there’s a need for it. (Still, I’m working to increase capacity with additional funding.)

In 2017 I was “a stranger in a strange land” shifting my career into a new field where I “had no professional ties or career experience.” But I did have a slew of experience and “a lifetime of curiosity for the phenomena surrounding the human experience.” I moved to Edinburgh, founded this company, and undertook an original research project to understand beliefs and behaviours surrounding the mind-body-spirit movement and its disciplines and practices.

I recounted five big learnings about the mind-body-spirit sector in my recent Letter from the Editor on

That research is about to be repeated (in a much expanded way) for a new report, “The State of the Mind-Body-Spirit Movement.” This first report of its kind aims to put a stake in the ground to define this vast, growing, fragmented shift in society; size the economy; rate the level of acceptance in mainstream society; and track the movement’s progress.

I welcome your participation: Enter your email address to be notified of the online survey and the results.

Research is a very big part of my work because it leads to insights that inform action. Wouldn’t you rather make an informed decision rather than an uninformed decision? Reducing risk is the primary advantage, but there are many more. Research was a large part of my academic studies ~ for my undergraduate degree in sociology and my Master of Science degree in strategic communications ~ and in my professional career, so I know the power of hearing directly from audiences to light the way.

I hope you will participate in this upcoming survey. We want to hear from seekers, healers and the “just curious.” We want to hear from individuals, businesses and organisations. We’ll be seeking comment from those working on different aspects of this dynamic field, from the science of consciousness to mindfulness practitioners. Please register your interest now.

As Mindstream heads into 2023, I want to say THANK YOU to the people and organisations who have helped us progress over these few years. I may have worked with you in one of my many capacities: volunteer, editor, podcast host, coach, consultant, collaborator.

CHEERS to you, & thanks for your support!

THANK YOU for your involvement with  Mindstream & me over these first five years:

~ Rona Agnew, R.N., and Dr. Jacqueline Mardon of the Friends of the NHS Centre for Integrative Care
~ Louise Arnold of Interface
~ Alex Brownlee and Jason Adair with University of Stirling’s Computing Science & Math Department
~ Heather May Morgan and Hattie Daniel with University of Aberdeen’s Institute of Applied Health Sciences
~ David Lorimer, team and colleagues at Scientific & Medical Network and The Galileo Commission
~ David Lorimer, Martin Redfern, Jesper Madsen with the Frontier Journalists’ Network
~ Margaret Coats with the Complementary & Natural Health Council
~ Sheila Holmes with The British Alliance of Healing Associations
~ Ann Treherne, Shereen Elder, Lance Butler, Pauline Morgan, and team at The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
~ Tuvi Orbach and team at MindLife
~ Neill Walker and team with Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace
~ Guests appearing on The Mindstream Podcast: Meditation practitioner Andrew Johnson; personal and relationship coach Clairey “Fairy” Colston, intuitive coach David Thomas Wright, illustrator/animator Adam Brewster, artist Rose Strang; health public relations consultant Lynda Hamilton-Parker, Calm on Canning yogi Katy Olusanya, Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival organiser Angela Robertson, Holistic Ways Festival organiser Adrian Boiteux, Welltodo Global founder Lauren Armes; University of Edinburgh’s Koestler Chair of Parapsychology Dr. Caroline Watt; artist Sophie McKay Knight, Beltane Fire Society’s Bradley McArthur; mind-body-spirit author and editor Claire Gillman; and Global Wellness Institute researcher Katherine Johnston.
~ All the contributors of wisdom-filled personal essays on
~ Friends and family

Cheers to you! I look forward to the next five years. Moving forward, all my work within the mind-body-spirit realm has moved underneath the Mindstream umbrella. Please take a look at our Areas of Business to see how we can support your goals for 2023.

Liza Horan
Founder & CEO

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