We serve seekers, healers & the curious

Mindstream is on a mission to bring mind-body-spirit disciplines into the mainstream.

As an independent media company covering the mind-body-spirit movement for greater health and happiness, our goal is educating the public about holistic wellbeing practices and elevating professional practitioners for greater impact. We do this through written and audio content (news, personal stories, commentary, resources), interactive tools, events, professional development training in business strategy and communications; and market research on beliefs and behaviours on the mind-body-spirit movement. As a start-up, it's still early days, but we have an ambitious vision to raise the credibility and awareness of these practices and provide access to them.

We’re making it easy for:
  • the public to discover and adopt complementary and alternative medicine, natural health, spiritual healing and growth, and personal development pathways to greater health and happiness.
  • professional practitioners and organisations to connect with those they serve in an authentic way for greater impact.
  • the public, private and third sectors to understand how beliefs and behaviours are shifting so they can adapt their services to meet needs of the public and this industry.

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The website domain recently moved from MindstreamConnect.com to Mindstream.world.