Mindstream is a digital-first company that believes that technology has an important role in connecting people to authentic experiences along a path of discovery toward enlightenment. Quality content and interactive tools can serve the highest good on the individual, community and societal levels.

In addition to creating our own digital products and services, our DIGITAL services can help you create and improve your own. Whether you'd like to redesign or optimise your existing product, platform or digital estate, or develop a new proposition to serve your existing audience or a new one, please contact us.

Founder Liza Horan leads our DIGITAL practice. Her deep and broad experience in digital product strategy and development spans nearly 30 years. Her print editorial career switched to digital in 1995 when she took Tennis Magazine online for The New York Times Co. Her leadership over 11 years earned her an award for pioneering the online space for the sport. Since then, her digital product and strategy work has helped organisations from media (ESPN, Informa, Newsquest, Incisive Media) to companies in finance, agriculture, maritime, fashion, and others. As Liza shifted her focus to the mind-body-spirit sector, so, too has the alignment for her digital work within Mindstream Ventures.

Learn more about her experience and projects at LizaHoran.com.

HIGHLIGHTS of capabilities

  • Competitive analysis of digital footprint to understand how your offerings ought to be differentiated from other providers
  • Research audience segments to understand needs and preferences for features and functionality
  • Digital strategy and roadmap to achieve business objectives
  • Increasing digital audience engagement
  • Cultivating a digital performance culture