Phase 1

Mindstream's core product is a digital platform that connects seekers with resources for learning, connection and action.

Content, community and commerce combine to serve both the curious and the devoted: those who are interested in discovering mind-body-spirit disciplines best suited for them, then finding and booking experiences.

Industry insiders -- independent professionals, organisations and institutions -- also will be served by the platform as they seek to raise visibility, showcase their expertise and credentials, and position their unique offerings.

Together, we'll engage in a spirit of community through education, shared experience and the pursuit of our individual and collective health and happiness. See more below.

Solving a problem
"The vision is about helping people discover greater health and happiness. The business is about filling a gap in a growing market where interested consumers and an emerging industry crave a solution."
- Liza Horan, Founder
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Mindstream will demystify mind-body-spirit disciplines as an independent platform curating info from multiple angles: scientific, academic, historical, religious, practical, and more. A personalised experience will enable the public to easily discover what suits his or her needs and interests, and how to act on that. Professionals will gain greater knowledge on the market.



As the hub for mind-body-spirit exploration, education and action, members will contribute content, recommendations, ratings, and more. It will foster online interactions and, ultimately, offline ones. The skeptics, the curious, the believers, the practitioners, and the professionals will be welcomed to Mindstream, a safe space to respectfully interact toward greater understanding.



The marketplace will connect seekers with resources. These may be products or services offered by verified professionals. Trust and credibility are demanded in the mind-body-spirit industry,and Mindstream will have a unique vetting system prioritising quality and integrity. This is a solution for the public and industry insiders to gain easy access to each other.

Research reveals need for mindstream

Consumers and industry professionals agree that the public would benefit from education on mind-body-spirit disciplines, and the large majority said they would support a digital platform like Mindstream.


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